Web services at GEOFON

GEOFON offers access to seismic waveform and station metadata and other information using web services with standard APIs. Anyone may request data and metadata, using any suitable web client.

We offer the following services from geofon.gfz-potsdam.de:

  • fdsnws-station - Inventory for all networks archived at GFZ. A current list of networks is available. In particular, networks which are coordinated as part of EIDA but not archived here are not available by web service. Their metadata can be accessed using our data portal or by other methods. More
  • fdsnws-dataselect - Real time and archive data for those networks archived at GFZ (not other EIDA data centres). You can check availability with our availability database. More
  • EIDA's wfcatalog - Detailed waveform metric information including quality control parameters (sample metrics, record header flags, and timing quality) for data archived at GFZ (not other EIDA data centres). More
  • The EIDA routing service - Information used for managing data and products coordinated between the distributed data centres of EIDA. More

We do not offer an fdsnws-event earthquake parameter service, but you may find our popular eqinfo event catalog helpful.