GEOFON SeedLink Service for Real-time Access

GEOFON/GEVN data from about 300 stations are openly available as real-time data feeds by the SeedLink protocol from the GEOFON SeedLink server at No special permission is required. A visualization of the GEOFON real-time stations is provided in the form of "live" seismogram plots.

GEOFON/GRSN station Ruedersdorf

The telemetry status of stations received at GEOFON can be seen on our SeedLink monitors:

GEOFON SeedLink Monitor

Data formats

  • SeedLink real-time data comes in 512 byte Mini-SEED format.
  • Instrument response information is available as FDSN StationXML or SeisComP XML response files from our webservices, and from the WebDC portal. Links are provided on our network pages.
  • Dataless SEED volumes can be obtained using fdsnws2seed.