Acceptable data sets

GEOFON is committed to a FAIR data culture. The basic requirements for data to be acceptable for ingestion into the GEOFON data archive are:

  • A digital object identifier (DOI) must be created for the data set. See our DOI Creation Guidelines for Seismic Network Operators.
  • Data must be open access. In exceptional cases, a short embargo period may be imposed by the PIs. For new data sets, a license must be agreed on.
  • An FDSN network code, either temporary or permanent, is assigned to every network.
  • Data must be able to be converted into mini-SEED format.
  • Metadata must be provided, and of high quality. Our systems distribute this as StationXML so we work with PIs to ensure that acceptable StationXML is produced.

In addition, we must ensure adequate storage (including backup space) is available for all data sets in our archive. We therefore prioritise data sets originating with GFZ-affiliated PIs and will make every effort to accommodate these. For large data sets (with high sample rates or many stations) we will discuss storage capacity with you prior to accepting your data.

Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable

FAIR guiding principles for data resources. Illustration by SangyaPundir CC-BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0